Focus Areas 01-03
Focus Area 01
Pricing for Sales/Purchasing

Uncover hidden pricing potential and deliver a better bottomline or build a pricing competence center from the ground up.

Focus Area 02
HR/Workforce Planning

Assess demographic and competency risks within your ogranisation and develop scenarios to tackle identified challenges.

Focus Area 03
Excel Business Tools

Quickly implement models or instrument blueprints as tanglible Excel Tools and put them to extensive field testing.

Strategic Pricing
Pricing – the strongest lever for a strong bottomline

The journey to uncover the profit potential begins by bringing transparency in the current environment and identifying various obstacles. These obstacles might include lack of systematic approach, lack of data and/or analysis, unsuitable pricing modell, or external factors like tough market, intransparency or volatile environment.

Focusing on pricing to tackle ever-growing turnover and profit targets can bring you a long way in comparison to already exausted levers as cost reduction, investment intensive transformations or uncertain innovation initiatives. Developing the right pricing strategy, determining the right pricing architecture and models and tackling the right obstacles can be complex, but often with fast amortisation cycles and high return rates.

Strategic Workforce Planning
Worforce planning – tackling competency challenges

The basic principle is simple – the right competencies in the right place at the right time. Yet, many companies struggle with internal and external challenges such as planning uncertainty and complexity, inert demography trend or hard graspable employee evolution.

Drafting and setting a workforce planning mechanism in place is an extensive and exaustive effort. The mechanism needs to be drafted, wielded and linked to various entities across the organisation. The necessary information feed from strategic planning and mid-term operational planning is processed, transformed and distributed accross HR functions like recruiting, personnel management and development. Such necessary initiative can be capital intensive, but pays off in the long-term.

Excel Business Tools
Rapid prototyping of the developed models and concepts

Don’t settle for models on paper. Put them to extensive field testing and use by rapid-developing prototypes in Excel.

In order to deliver fast and tangible results with non-tanglible artefacts such as models and/or instrument blueprints, you can easily implement them into deployable prototypes in Excel. Test the model or blueprint with crash tests and generate information about their performance and gap to better fit in the deployed environment. Use the results to fine-tune the developed artefacts.

Expect cost savings from this type of agile development and fully utilize learning effects during the development process.